Google Rio 2016 Olympics

For the 2016 Olympic Games, Google sold a project to 4 major Brazilian brands.

Project Management

Jul 2015 - Jul 2016

Project Overview
All of Brazil Plays consisted of a personalized feed of original Rio content, including daily videos and 42 sporty games.
Everything on the platform was linked to produce a customized experience that automatically surfaced the best content based on the user's interests.
The 42 minigames were custom-designed for the platform.
They could be played with a customizable character also featured in programmatic banners that continued the personalized play across the web.

The project was a huge success. It generated 40 Million organic impressions and 2.5 Million game plays.

Webby Awards - Display & Banner Campaigns
El Ojo award winner -Bronze in Interface and Navigation
FWA Site of the day
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