Gabriela Campana

Hey there! I’m a Project & Product Manager based in Brazil (GMT-3).

HexClad New Site
Project & Account Manager
Nomad Headless Site Maintenance
Project & Account Manager
Fleo New Headless Site
Project & Account Manager

My experience

Ten years as a Digital Producer, four years as a Project Manager (1,5 at Google), and one year as a Product Manager.
I am the best person to help you.

★★★★★ Google's Chief Creative Officer
"Skilled professional, fast learner, team player with great potential to embrace the new reality of communication that requires professionals to navigate between design, development, management and responsible thinking".

★★★★★ Google's Creative Director
"Gabriela demonstrated tremendous effort and growth throughout the time she was working on my team and brought new perspectives, passion and energy to work. She's very curious, and fearless and brings a positive attitude to the project with the belief that things can be improved; what I consider essential for someone who wants to thrive in communications nowadays. She's a strong and resilient professional who's always pushing the boundaries of whatever she's doing".

Interactive Producer
Jul 2015 — Aug 2016
Dijitally & Roomstay
Project & Product Manager
Jan 2021 — Jun 2021
Form Factory
Project & Account Manager
Sep 2021— Fev 2022
Project manager
Fev 2022 — Jun 2022

Let's work together

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